KINETIK MSystem® - the mark

What is KINETICS (origin / definition)?

KINETICS (Greek: kinesis = movement) is a branch of technical mechanics and describes the change of the movement quantities (location, speed and acceleration) under the influence of forces and also takes into account the mass of the moving bodies. The technical mechanics is usually divided into the three areas: statics, strength theory and dynamics which then consists of the two sub-areas of kinetics and kinematics. In physics, on the other hand, mechanics is divided into kinematics and dynamics, which contain the statics and kinetics. In this sense, the term was coined in 1879 by William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin and Peter Guthrie Tait in their treatise Treatise on Natural Philosophy.

Source: Wikipedia


The idea and start of today's KINETIK MSystem®

The development of the modular profile system KINETIK MSystem® began more than 10 years ago. In October 2018, the KINETIK MSystem® celebrated its 10th anniversary.

October, 2008. At that time, the founder and current managing director of HAEC ALUMINUM Deutschland GmbH - Norman Alexander Grevé decided to develop design profiles made of aluminum, which could be connected to each other without extensive prior profile processing. It was important to pay attention to the compatibility of existing design profiles of other manufacturers in the market and to create their own "internal design (structure)". Over the years, the unique design of the KINETIK system profile series of grid dimensions K20, K30, K40 L SL HX and Pro series, K45 as well as pitch K50 was created.

In the following years, KINETIK MSystem profiles and the associated innovative connection technology were joined by more and more modular functional accessories - such as floor elements, control panels, fastening technology and dynamic elements. From the KINETIK MSystem profiles the KINETIK assembly profile system became, briefly


Back in 2012, HAEC ALUMINUM Deutschland provided a modern online shop for its customers for the complete KINETIK MSystem on a Gambio platform. In addition to the complete range of accessories, it was possible to order the system profiles exactly as millimeter or millimeter length around the clock. This saved the customer and the processing enormous time in the order processing.

High quality that convinces

All system profiles and components are tested after development, before they get into the sales on "heart and kidneys" convinced, because only consistent high quality with a good price-performance ratio. That is why we at the KINETIK MSystem rely on renowned brand manufacturers for non-proprietary system components. We work together with our partners for many years.

The KINETIK MSystem® today

Today, the KINETIK MSystem is the optimal basis for many design applications in automation, electrical machine, special machine and fixture construction, robotics and handling industry. Here, the system offers the designer a high level of: